Blackberry Spritzer – #SummerDessertWeek

This post and recipe was created for #SummerDessertWeek! I was sent samples by some of the sponsor companies but as always, opinions are 100% mine. This recipe is for adults 21 and older and does contain alcohol.

Blackberry Spritzer | #SummerDessertWeek

Enjoying Summer Dessert Week so far? So am I! There are an insane number of fabulous recipes being shared this week and I’m enjoying them all! Today’s post is all about a sweet drink that we love to serve at family get-togethers. It’s not strong by any means, so it’s perfect for all types of taste buds. Cheers!

 photo Blackberry Spritzer | #SummerDessertWeek

Blackberry Spritzer


  • Equal parts:
  • Blackberry wine (any brand will do)
  • Squirt lemon-lime soda
  • Minute Maid Mango Punch
  • Add-ins:
  • Frozen blackberries
  • Handful of ice


Mix all together, then top with the blackberries and ice and serve.


 photo Blackberry Spritzer | #SummerDessertWeek

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Disclaimer: These posts and recipes are part of the week-long event, #SummerDessertWeek but all opinions are 100% mine! We would like to Thank our amazing sponsors: Dixie Crystals, Adam’s Extract, Wilton, Sweets and Treats Shop and Anolon! These wonderful sponsors provided the prize packs for our giveaways and also sent samples and products to the #SummerDessertWeek bloggers to use in their recipes.


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06/29: Emoni Bates—WAY ahead of schedule—announces his intention to play for Michigan State. And we think he will.

For the second straight Monday, a No. 1-rated basketball recruit has proven skeptics wrong and announced a commitment to playing college basketball over more lucrative alternatives. On Monday, Emoni Bates made his choice to play for Michigan State, if and when he’s eligible to do so. Bates is in the class of 2022 and has made no clear intention of reclassifying to 2021. Bates, 16, regarded as one of the two or three best prospects this century. Will he wind up playing for Tom Izzo? Norlander and Parrish both say yes and present the evidence and indications as to why. The second half of the pod is dedicated to the Big East and UConn (28:00), a reunion which will become official on Wednesday. With UConn going to the Big East, the guys power-rank every program, 1 through 11, and project the hierarchy of the league over the next five seasons.

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Hurdle Jumps

Purpose This drill helps to build explosiveness off the ground. How it Works This is an advanced exercise. Line up 5 to 10 track hurdles. Two-foot jump over each hurdle. Jumping five hurdles equals one repetition. Complete 4 reps. Coaching Tips Requires a full body, explosive movement – put everything you have into the jump. […]

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Karpatka – przepis na ciasto parzone

Siedzenie w domu zachęca do wypieków, które już daaawno nie gościły na blogu. Zaczynam więc nadrabiać 🙂 W związku z ostatnim brakiem drożdży w pobliskich sklepach, na szybko chwyciłam pierwszy z brzegu krem do karpatki – coś na osłodę kwarantanny. Krem jak krem, kupny i wygodny, więc nie będę się o nim rozpisywać, ale za to ciasto na karpatkę poezja. Pięknie wyrosło i tak smakowało, że z powodzeniem można się nim zajadać nawet bez dodatków w postaci kremu. Robiłam je pierwszy raz i chyba nie muszę dalej szukać przepisu na ciasto parzone, bo ten jest prosty i sprawdzony. Na pewno nie raz posłuży mi jako baza pod krem budyniowy czy z mascarpone. A może latem i fajne owoce w nim wylądują 🙂
Składniki na ciasto do karpatki:

z opakowania do kremu Gellwe, po moich zmianach

  • 180 g masła
  • 1,5 szklanki wody
  • 200 g mąki pszennej, przesianej
  • 1 łyżeczka proszku do pieczenia
  • 5 jajek, w temp. pokojowej
Przygotowanie ciasta:
W średniej wielkości garnku umieścić wodę z masłem i zagotować. Kiedy zacznie wrzeć, zdjąć z ognia i wsypać mąkę wymieszaną z proszkiem do pieczenia. Energicznie mieszać do połączenia składników i powstania ciasta o jednolitej konsystencji. Pozostawić do ostygnięcia.
Piekarnik nagrzać do temperatury 210 stopni. W międzyczasie do ciasta wbić jajka i miksować całość na wysokich obrotach około 3 minuty. Podzielić ciasto na dwie części. Pierwszą z nich cienko rozsmarować na blasze 25×36 cm wyłożonej papierem do pieczenia. Wstawić do piekarnika i piec przez 25 minut (zdąży ładnie się zarumienić), po czym zmniejszyć temperaturę do 150 stopni i piec jeszcze 15 minut. Po upieczeniu delikatnie zsunąć z papieru na kratkę i przestudzić. W ten sam sposób upiec drugą część ciasta.
Pomiędzy przestudzone blaty ciasta wyłożyć krem – u mnie Gellwe bez gotowania. Dla mnie super sprawa, bo po prostu zimne mleko (400 ml) miksujemy z proszkiem i gotowe. Przekładamy, posypujemy cukrem pudrem i zajadamy.

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake combines pretty much all your favorite things in one sweet, no-bake dessert. Easy, a total crowd pleaser, and hello – Oreos!

Slice of no bake oreo cheesecake topped with cherry pie filling on a white plate with a 2nd slice and a bowl of cherry pie filling in the background

I know this July 4th isn’t going to exactly look how any of us are used to.

With fewer fireworks, cookouts, and general merriment, we have to find ways to celebrate within our small groups. 

And you know if I need to celebrate, I’m reaching for one of my cheesecake recipes

You guys know that I have a pretty serious thing for cheesecake – especially when it requires minimal prep work and zero baking time. 

Add in an Oreo crust and I’ll fall hook, line and sinker every single time. 


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Jalen Jones

Coming into the season, Danuel House was getting most of the draft buzz out of Texas A&M. While House is a good player and I think he has a chance to play at the next level, I’m starting to think that his fellow fifth-year senior transfer Jalen Jones is really the key to their team and the guy with the best chance to be an impact NBA player.

At 6’7 225, Jones is a prototype combo forward and his versatility on both sides of the ball is what has allowed A&M to take a big step forward this season. A&M plays him as a small-ball 4 and he presents a huge mismatch for most traditional 4’s who can’t punish him inside on defense and who can’t stick with him on the perimeter on offense. The key for Jones is that he has improved as a 3-point shooter, which has opened up the floor for freshman big man Tyler Davis and made Jones almost impossible for bigger players to guard.

Jones has improved as a shooter

The biggest positive for Jones when projecting him to the next level is how his shooting percentages have steadily increased in his four seasons in college:

Freshman: 27.5% on 1.3 3PA, 59.9% on 4.5 FTA
Sophomore: 34.8% on 0.7 3PA, 74% on 4.8 FTA
*Transferred from SMU to A&M*
Junior: 30% on 1.8 3PA, 72.8% on 5.2 FTA
Senior: 37% on 3.2 3PA, 74.4% on 5.5 FTA

There’s still not a huge sample size of him being a good long-range shooter but the way that his free-throw shot has improved is a pretty good sign that his shooting mechanics are getting better and he’s becoming more reliable from deep as he has gotten older. The way the game is going, there’s really no point in any non 5’s to declare for the draft until they have become consistent 3-point shooters at the NCAA level. That’s become a must to play professional basketball at its highest level and that’s exactly why you should be in college – to work on your game and develop your skills.

He’s not afraid to let it fly from really deep too:

Traditional big men have a very hard time guarding Jones

Kentucky really missed Alex Poythress in their loss to A&M because none of the rest of their big men could deal with Jones on defense and they couldn’t punish him on the other end of the floor either. There’s just not much a shot-blocker like Skal is going to be able to do to stop a 6’7 wing taking a pull-up J:

And there’s no way a stretch 4 like Derek Willis has any chance of staying in front of Jones when he faces him up in the mid-post:

Jones plays bigger than his size:

The key to being a wing who guards a big man is having a strong and sturdy frame and the toughness and athleticism to bang with bigger players in the paint. Watch how high he gets up to snatch this defensive rebound out of the air:

Jones can jump with bigger players and win balls in traffic. It does you no good to go small upfront, make a stop and then be unable to clear the defensive glass:

Jones can stay in front of smaller guards on the switch

This is where the rubber meets the road when you are evaluating small-ball 4’s. Kentucky has been absolutely roasting teams over the last month by moving a stretch 4 in Derek Willis into the starting line-up, opening up the floor and repeatedly putting Jamal Murray and Tyler Ulis in ball screens. A&M was able to keep them relatively in check because they just switched every screen with Jones in them. He’s long and fast enough to at least stay with NBA guards like that and that’s a super big deal.

Tyler Ulis is one of the fastest and most skilled guards in the country and Jones can still stay in front of him in 1-on-1 situations:

The future is wings who can guard 4’s, switch on 1’s and shoot 3’s

The Golden State Warriors have a lot of guys like that and if you are going to defeat the Warriors you have to have guys like that. Given how much space they play in the NBA and how skilled guards have become, I don’t see any real way to guard modern offenses unless you have multiple guys with the versatility to switch pick-and-rolls on defense. It’s more important that your 4’s can move their feet on the perimeter than it is that they bang in the post – in the modern NBA, 3’s are the new 4’s. That’s the type of player Jalen Jones can be.

I keep coming back to this quote from Ron Adams in SI’s profile of Harrison Barnes from last season’s playoffs:

“He likes guarding people in the post,” says Adams, who foresees a league full of Harrison Barnes’ in the future. [Emphasis mine] “I think the way our game is progressing it’s going to be demanded of a lot of people,” he says.

Jones isn’t super skilled and he’s never going to be a primary option on the next level. If he was playing primarily as a 3, he would just be a guy and he would have a tough road to make the league considering that he’s a fifth-year senior who has been pretty far off draft boards for most of his career. His ability to guard bigger players, though, gives him a chance. Every team in the NBA needs a guy with his skill-set and there aren’t many guys with his skill-set in this year’s draft.