EuroLeague: Bayern zum Auftakt gegen Mailand

Der deutsche Basketball-Meister Bayern München bekommt es zum Auftakt der EuroLeague-Saison 2019/20 am 3. Oktober mit Armani Mailand zu tun. Dies geht aus dem am Freitag veröffentlichten Spielplan der Hauptrunde hervor. Einen Tag später steigt Vizemeister Alba Berlin gegen Zenit St. Petersburg in die Königsklasse ein.

“Es ist super, dass wir mit einem Heimspiel beginnen”, sagte Bayern-Kapitän Danilo Barthel, “generell wird das in der EuroLeague natürlich wieder eine krasse Hammer-Runde.”

In der EuroLeague treffen nach einer Aufstockung um zwei Klubs in der kommenden Spielzeit 18 Teams aufeinander, von denen sich acht für die Play-offs qualifizieren. Das Final Four findet vom 22. bis 24. Mai 2020 in der Lanxess Arena in Köln statt. Titelverteidiger ist ZSKA Moskau. Noch keine deutsche Mannschaft hat in dem seit der Saison 2000/01 ausgetragenen Wettbewerb das Viertelfinale erreicht.

Coffee Break

Golden retriever wearing a Mickey Mouse bandana

Happy summer! I know I say this at the start of just about every Coffee Break post but… This year is completely flying by. I feel like I blinked on New Year’s Day and Easter appeared. Then I blinked again and now the 4th of July is right around the corner.

Life… Please slow down!!

Do you feel like that too?

So to kick off the summer (just a teeny bit late!), I wanted to share news about something that’s going on behind the scenes… It’s been rolling around and growing bigger in my mind for a while, and it’s time to act on these little (now huge) nudges I’ve been feeling.

So grab an iced coffee (or iced tea or water, I don’t judge!) and pretend like we’re sitting across from each other at a coffee shop.


Then here we go!

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Thanksgiving Pies from Gramercy Tavern

Pie Contest # 5 2017


“Fifth year and a big one,” Chef Miro Uskokovic informed us about the annual staff pie contest to welcome in the holiday season at Gramercy Tavern. This was to be our fourth invite to judge the talented staff’s pies.

And the great news is that for the first year, Miro is making two fabulous pies available for sale from Gramercy Tavern for Thanksgiving: Spiced Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie and Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie for pick up on either Tuesday 11/21 or Wednesday 11/22. You’ll need to order right away as I’m sure there will be a great demand.


Ten judges this year, including executive chef, Mike Anthony, general manager Scott Reinhardt, pastry chef/author/director of the baking programs at the Institute for Culinary Education (and dear friend) Nick Malgieri, Merrill Stubbs co-founder of Food 52, and Emily and Melissa Elsen, owners of Four & Twenty Blackbirds Bakery.

After taking our seats once again at the 15 foot long table, in the very familiar banquet/meeting room, Miro went over the criteria for this year’s judging. Although we had a scoring card, it was to be used only for taking notes, as we would all have our say after a fork full of the last pie tasted to choose the Best Overall Pie and the Most Creative Pie. And this year, all entries had to be made in a pie plate as opposed to a tart pan. Also this year both winners (and the judges!) would receive the same generous gift: a prized blender from sponsor Vitamix. Each contestant was to bring out her or his creation, give the story behind the pie, and then answer our questions as we tasted the pie.


The highest number of entries ever, 22 pies, were presented, dissected, tasted, talked about, and a whole pie shown to each of us by Miro and then placed on the table and discussed some more. Miro gave us two breaks to calm our taste buds and give our tummies a temporary relief. Since in most prior years a cream pie beat out the rest, this year was a cavalcade of mostly cream pies. A couple of entries were from the front staff. Also, we were delighted that for the first time Scott was one of the judges.


Nick, as always, was a delight, with his charm, honesty, and spot on critiquing of the pies.

With all pies tasted, chef Mike gave his choice for his favorite–the Pomegranate Pie–and it made the move to the other end of the table to be with seven of its favored peers. This year, it was extremely hard to decide whether to go with something more unusual or an upscale version of a standard. We discussed, debated, and decided on our winning pies.


The awards presentation was done during the staff’s family style dinner before the evening crowd. By the time we joined the staff, there were mostly just remnants of those 22 pies on table 61.

The Best Overall Pie for this year was made by Heather Siperstein. It was a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cream Pie with a whipped cream topping, adorned with chocolate and peanut butter candy pieces. It will be featured on the Gramercy menu at some point in the near future.


The Most Creative Pie was awarded to Amanda Taylor for her Figalicious Pie.
She was thrilled to receive my signature series Synglas, non-stick rolling pin by American Products Group.


I autographed a Pie & Pastry Bible for Heather, which Miro accepted in her behalf.

All of us were then invited to my favorite table at the front of the Tavern to enjoy some of Gramercy’s wonderful appetizers and a glass of wine or beer with Miro.

Epilogue, next morning:
Day prior: a wonderful lunch, consuming close to a half of an entire pie, and enough appetizers to make for light dinner.
But to my relief, my scale was kind–it showed me that I actually lost a pound. (The new “pie diet” is born! We hope to be there for Miro Pie Day #6 next year.

6-Banner Sunday: The basketball life of Jordan Hulls

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Caron Butler: Tyler Herro Has 'A Little Bit' Of Jason Williams, Rex Chapman

Caron Butler said that Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro reminds him of Jason Williams and Rex Chapman.

‘He’s got a little bit of everything in him; I see a little bit of Jason Williams, I see a little bit of Rex Chapman, I see a little bit from an athletic standpoint, being explosive. He can score in so many ways. Going left or right, off the pick and roll, the catch and shoot. That’s what you call just an arsenal of ways to score the basketball,” said Butler on NBA TV during a Las Vegas Summer League game.

Herro was drafted with the 13th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. The Heat reportedly declined to include him in a trade package for Russell Westbrook.