Punschtorte – Pastel de Ponche

A pesar de hacer un pequeño descanso durante el verano, no podía dejar de compartir con vosotros esta maravillosa delicia Punschtorte – Pastel de Ponche, para ¡celebrar mi cumpleaños! Ya sabéis, los que estáis por aquí hace tiempo, que siempre es un placer para mí el hecho de poder soplar las velas con vosotros y […]

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Bronny James recovering after cardiac arrest; loaded 2023 Maui bracket; Kansas, UNC agree to H&H

Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish discuss Bronny James, Kansas and UNC’s home-and-home series, the Maui bracket being revealed, and more.

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Malcolm Brogdon vs. Grayson Allen

The big story from an NBA draft perspective from the Duke vs. Virginia game was Brandon Ingram’s offensive explosion against one of the top defenses in the country, but one interesting subplot was the match-up between Grayson Allen (No. 45 in DX Top 100) and Malcolm Brogdon (No. 95) at the SG position. Neither Allen nor Brogdon is considered a big-time prospect but they have both been putting big-time numbers this season:

Allen (sophomore): 20.6 points, 4.7 rebounds, 3.7 assists on 1.8 turnovers on 48.9% shooting, 42.5% from 3 (on 5.1 3PA’s)

Brogdon (junior): 17.8 points, 4.9 rebounds, 2.9 assists on 1.5 turnovers on 46.5% shooting, 40% from 3 (on 5.2 3PA’s)

Those numbers are nice but when it comes to evaluating NBA prospects, the biggest thing to me is how they perform against each other. I can get more out of 1 game between two top players who play the same position than 10 games when they go up against guys who are going pro in something other than sports. How would Allen and Brogdon fare against each other on both sides of the ball? That would tell us a lot about how ready each guy is to play at the next level.

Allen is a killer in transition

Allen has what is commonly called “sneaky” or “deceptive” athleticism in that people don’t expect a white guy to be able to fly around the court and play above the rim. The JJ Redick comparisons are obvious but Allen is a much better athlete. Watch how well he moves in the open court when he can pick up a head of steam:

Allen does a great job of controlling his body and taking advantage when the defender is giving up ground. He lives at the free-throw line (84.6% on 6.5 FTA’s) which is a fabulous number for a guy who has been billed as a shooting specialist.

Allen’s D needs a lot of work

Allen’s athleticism doesn’t always translate in the half-court, though, especially on the defensive side of the ball. That’s not a huge surprise given that he’s a young guy who has focused mostly on scoring early in his career, but I wonder how much of it is his small wingspan (6’5 205 with a 6’6 wingspan) and that’s where the Redick comparisons come into play. He has to play so tight when he’s playing pressure D that it’s relatively easy for even average NCAA players like Virginia senior Marial Shayok to get around him:

Duke eventually had to move Allen off Brogdon and hide him as much as possible because of plays like this. It’s too easy for Allen to get beat off the dribble at this point in his career and it’s going to be hard for him to declare for the draft until he can improve that part of his game because he’s not going to be a primary option in the NBA.

Allen depends on the refs when getting pressed on D

Allen is a really smart player and he knows how to take advantage of cracks in the defense to get into the lane. He’s a really good off the ball player and he doesn’t force the issue too much when he doesn’t have the advantage. This play is a good example of how Allen can initiate contact and create something out of nothing on offense:

Of course, the other side of that is whether the refs are bailing him out on the drive. Duke players tend to get Duke calls and Allen can end up taking a lot of difficult shots when the refs swallow their whistle late in games:

Conversely, they could just let him travel to win games. It’s easy to get an open look when you can take 3 steps in the lane:

Brogdon struggles to create 1-on-1 offense

The biggest knock on Brogdon is whether he can pass what I like to call “the Aaron Harrison test” – does he have enough of a baseline of ahtleticism to where he can compete at the NBA level? He’s never going to be a plus athlete – he just has to be good enough to where he can use his NBA body (6’5 205 with a 6’10 wingspan), his bball IQ and his well-rounded skill-set. You can see the issue when he tries to create 1-on-1 against NBA-caliber defenders like Matt Jones:

He doesn’t really have the athleticism to where he can finish in the lane in traffic:

Brogdon uses smarts to get his offense

The biggest thing about him is that he knows who he is. He’s a very crafty player – he’s able to walk the fine line between always looking to attack and not forcing the issue. When he has nothing, he’ll keep the ball moving. When the defender gambles and creates an opening, though, he’s quick to exploit it:

He has the prototype SG game in that he knows how to set up defenders, run off screens and get off shots from 3 quickly. A guy with his athleticism can’t afford to not be a knock down 3-point shooter at the next level and that’s one area of his game that will definitely translate:

Brogdon is a fantastic defender

If Brogdon is going to get into the league, it’s because of his play on the defensive side of the ball. Even though he’s not a great athlete, he’s big and long (6’5 215 with a 6’10 wingspan) and he’s a very tough player who knows how to play positional defense and force his man into a tough shot. Tony Bennett does a great job of coaching up D at UVa and Brogdon is a prime example of a guy who has maximized all of his athletic ability to become a high-level two way player at the NCAA level. Watch how he moves his feet on this Allen drive and doesn’t fall for any of his pump fakes. He’s not giving you anything easy:

The reason that UVa was able to make this game close was Brogdon’s defense on Ingram late in the games. He’s giving up a ton of size, a ton of length and a ton of quickness in this match-up yet he’s still able to force Ingram into taking a really tough shot in an iso situation:

Plays like this are why NBA scouts are going to come around on Brogdon. Even if he’s not drafted, he will get a chance to play his way into the NBA in summer league and as a training camp invite:

Allen and Brogdon have fairly similar skill-sets

Neither guy is going to be a primary option at the next level but they are both knockdown 3-point shooters who know how to attack a close-out and can create offense for their teammates. They are both excellent passers with assist-to-turnover ratios of at least 2:1 – they are shooting specialists who can do more than just shoot and can attack a defense in multiple ways. Brogdon would be a great guy or Allen to model himself on over the next few seasons at college. He has gotten the most out of athletic ability and he has turned himself into an excellent defender, which is what Allen is going to need to become if he’s going to stick at the next level.

Could Brogdon be the next Wesley Matthews?

There’s definitely some Matthews in Brogdon’s game – he’s a very solid two-way wing player at the NCAA level without elite athleticism or shot-creating ability who has been somewhat overshadowed playing on a great team. Brogdon is a great shooter with size, length and toughness who can do multiple things on offense and he has been really coached up on the defensive end of the floor. There are a ton of guys with 3-and-D potential in every draft and it will be easy to overlook Brogdon for flashier players with more athleticism. The odds are against Brogdon but Matthews is proof that 3-and-D wings can carve out a career for themselves at the next level without being drafted.

Justin Powell's gamble led Washington State guard to Miami Heat franchise with rich history of undrafted players

Jul. 19—LAS VEGAS — Like any other basketball junkie, Washington State's Justin Powell monitored the 2023 NBA postseason and marveled at how the Miami Heat managed to dispatch one Eastern Conference contender after another. With a roster comprised largely of unheralded, undrafted players, the eighth-seeded Heat backed their way into the playoffs through a play-in berth, then stunned the …

Healthy Blueberry Apple Crisp

Learn how to make this healthy blueberry apple crisp! A layer of spiced oat crumble covers the juicy berries and melt-in-your-mouth apples underneath. An irresistible combination of crunchy topping, tender fruit, and naturally sweet flavor, this summery dessert is simple to make any day of the week. Whether you call it a crisp or a crumble, it’s the perfect treat for fruit fans — with or without a little ice cream on top!


overhead view of a healthy blueberry apple crisp baked in a white pie plate, topped with 3 scoops of ice cream, with a few servings scooped out and the serving spoon resting inside – easy recipe with oat crumble topping – low fat, low calorie, vegan, made with fresh fruit and no refined sugar – gluten free and whole wheat options

Earlier this year, I received some really tough news. I briefly told my grandma about it, and she offered to watch some baseball games with me or let me sit on her back porch swing, a favorite peaceful place of mine, whenever I wanted so I wouldn’t feel alone.

The following week, she texted me. “Left something at your front door that needs special attention. 🙂

I looked down at my dog. Usually calm and a little lazy in her old age, she had mysteriously raced into the house from sleepily sunbathing out back and sprinted around the entire downstairs, intently searching for someone or something in every room, for almost five minutes straight before returning to the kitchen to stare at me… Right as my grandma’s message arrived.

“Did you hear Grandma at the front door? Or smell her?” I smiled down at my dog, her tag wagging so frantically that it looked ready to fly right off. “Well… Let’s go see what she left.”

servings of healthy blueberry apple crisp on small white dessert plates, each topped with a scoop of ice cream – easy recipe with oat crumble topping – low fat, low calorie, vegan, made with fresh fruit and no refined sugar – gluten free and whole wheat options

When I pulled open the front door, an envelope and white cardboard box sat on the porch. Tears pricked in the corners of my eyes. It held a gourmet crumb-topped apple pie from our favorite local maker, one with blueberries mixed into the filling too, and when I slipped out the card, the message on its front read “Sometimes we just need to hear, ‘I’m thinking of you,’ and know people are there for us.”

In my kitchen, I immediately snapped a photo and sent it to my grandma with a heartfelt thank you note. She texted me back. “Is blueberry okay? I can exchange for apple……”

Yet I instantly fell in love with that flavor combination, the juicy berries paired with the tender apples, along with the way the sweet crumb topping added a little crunch — and I jotted down a note to try baking something with those three components after I finished my first slice.

portions of healthy blueberry apple crisp on three small white plates, each topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served with a spoon – easy recipe with oat crumble topping – low fat, low calorie, vegan, made with fresh fruit and no refined sugar – gluten free and whole wheat options

That eventually led to this healthy blueberry apple crisp! It has the same flavors and textures as that special pie that my grandma left on my doorstep. Without a crust underneath, it’s also faster and simpler to make than pie…

And quicker and easier desserts are always things I can get behind!

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Strawberry Fluff Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

Strawberry Fluff Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

Summer calls for (not-so-skinny) dipping! Strawberry Fluff Cream
Cheese Fruit Dip-ping!

Strawberry Fluff Cream Cheese Fruit Dip in bowl with strawberries around

Honestly, don't you get excited when you see a platter of fresh fruit WITH a
cream cheese dip at a party? I'd pick fruit + a cool, sweet, cream cheese dip over potato chips
and onion dip any day. Plus…no onion breath. (OK, Bridget. Stop talking about onions.)