7 takeaways from the Chicago Bulls’ wild OT win, including 9 seconds of madness and Alex Caruso’s game-winning 3-pointer

Alex Caruso hit the winning 3-pointer with 2.3 seconds left in overtime Friday, giving the Chicago Bulls a 104-103 victory against the Toronto Raptors at the United Center.

My New Breville Oven & an Exciting New Technique for Melting Chocolate

Smart_Oven_Air_Hero_ Hig Res.jpg

It’s been over five years since I wrote about my first Breville oven, calling it the perfectly even oven. My test was to pipe a spiral of cream puff pastry to see how it browned and it was perfectly even.

I have been so enamored of this oven, I have since purchased one as a wedding gift and another to have in my weekend home.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the latest model, the Smart Oven Air. When I learned about the extra features this newer slightly larger model offers I had to have it. And I’m totally smitten! I’ve even put it to use for a newly developed terrific technique, which I will share at the end of this posting. First: here are the new features that I most value:

  • An oven light that can be turned off or on at will (oh joy!)
  • Two oven racks
  • A dehydrating setting and mesh basket (I’ll be using this for my citrus powder)
  • A proofing setting for bread dough between 80°F/27°C and 100°F°/38°C

(I tested it and it holds true to temperature with no more than 3°F fluctuation.)

Now here is my great new discovery: Anyone who has ever tried to melt white or milk chocolate without stirring it constantly, has learned the hard way that it will seed. This is caused by the milk solids in the chocolate. And there is no way of restoring the little specks of hardened milk solids. But, if you heat the chocolate at 100°F/38°C it will melt gradually to be as smooth as silk. In short, you can place it in a container in the Breville, turn it to the proofing setting, set the temperature to 100°F/38°C, and leave it to melt on its own.

Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air, Silver

Quick Chocolate Covered Cherrry "Cake Balls"

Yes, yes…..I know the last time I posted it was "cake pops" but I couldn't resist…

I get out to Rogers, Arkansas about twice a month.  Sometimes I wanna shop, or return an item I ordered in the mail to a store or go to the grocery store……I'll tell you it's mostly to go to yarn stores…..and the grocery store.

All I can say is that the grocery stores around the immediate are are below my usual expectations having grown up in a large city at lest less than a mile away from a Central Market or some other equivilant.  Yes, I'm a grocery snob.  Not afraid to admit it.  To me the grocery store…like a really awesome grocery store…just the same as Disney Land to a kid.

Sometimes I also just wanna head out of Dodge and Rogers is only 45 minutes away….

Anyway, last time I was there I stopped into Fresh Market (like ya do) and went by there bakery section.   Now I love the bakery section there.  Not only are the desserts in the case gorgeous….they always have some sort of interesting seasonal doughnut holes for sale.

This month: Cherry.

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Easy Peasy Pumpkin Chocolate Pecan Muffins

Autumn is indisputable, the time for all things with pumpkin. They are basically everywhere starting in September and October. You have to be careful walking into a supermarket and not falling over those orange footballs lying around everywhere ;P To be honest – I don’t mind because I like to use pumpkins in my recipes. […]

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