Brett Brown Recalls Ben Simmons 'Vomiting' From Back Pain Earlier In Season

Brett Brown recalled Ben Simmons’ struggles after leaving a game against the Milwaukee Bucks in February with back pain, calling the experience “as disturbing a memory as it relates to a player that I can think of.”

Simmons was diagnosed with a lower back impingement.

“He’s lying on his back, he’s vomiting primarily because of pain, and trying to get him back on the plane and build him back up to some level of health where he can play basketball with us again,” said Brown in an hour-long conference call on Friday.

Elton Brand said earlier this month that Simmons will likely be ready if and when the season resumes.

Brown complimented Simmons’ approach to rehabbing his back.

“He’s been outstanding. It could be a little bit of a silver lining of this pandemic, being able to get somebody as important as Ben back into our team.”

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