North Carolina v Duke
Welcome back! | Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Say it with us…

It’s been a long hard year with plenty of pain and suffering to go around so in the big scheme of things, missing basketball games wasn’t a huge sacrifice. But nonetheless, it absolutely, indisputably SUCKED.

So hearing that Cameron-Krzyzewski Indoor Stadium (if we all keep using that eventually it will be adopted so say it when you can) and all athletic facilities will be fully open this year is wonderful news.

Nothing compares to sitting in Cameron-Krzyzewski and watching basketball. As Mike Krzyzewski has said at times, the building has a soul and he’s right. It really does.

The upperclass Crazies will have to do a few weeks of training and setting expectations for the kids who haven’t been there before. We hope that the time away, and eager underclassmen who haven’t had the pleasure, not to mention the K Ya Later Tour, will amp things up to an unbelievable level.

Let’s go Duke!

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