Coffee Break

Golden retriever wearing a Mickey Mouse bandana

Happy summer! I know I say this at the start of just about every Coffee Break post but… This year is completely flying by. I feel like I blinked on New Year’s Day and Easter appeared. Then I blinked again and now the 4th of July is right around the corner.

Life… Please slow down!!

Do you feel like that too?

So to kick off the summer (just a teeny bit late!), I wanted to share news about something that’s going on behind the scenes… It’s been rolling around and growing bigger in my mind for a while, and it’s time to act on these little (now huge) nudges I’ve been feeling.

So grab an iced coffee (or iced tea or water, I don’t judge!) and pretend like we’re sitting across from each other at a coffee shop.


Then here we go!

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