Duke’s Jeff Capel Talks Low Post Play

Hope everyone is getting ready for their respective basketball seasons. There’s always a giddy enthusiasm I get around this time as the thought of “what could be” awaits and there is a high level of anticipation and expectation of success in October. The good news is, everyone starts the season off with the same record, 0 wins 0 losses.

In any case, the folks at Duke Blue Planet are putting together an X’s and O’s coaching series (called Blue Print) with one of their coaches talking about a certain aspect of the game and with their current squad. In this inaugural episode, assistant coach Jeff Capel is talking about low post play and some of the keys to what they hope will be a productive season for Mason Plumlee.

Coach Capel talks about a lot of the basic fundamentals of low post play, which you can also get from Coach K’s DVD on low post skill development. Namely:

1. Early post up. If your bigs rim run, they will probably get the easiest post position they will ever get. The jostling for position that happens in half-court is tough, but if you get out in transition, it’s must easier to get that position. It’s just a simple matter of first one to the spot.

2. Screening action. Be it, on ball, or off ball, if your bigs screen, they are moving, and thus harder to defend and keep out of a certain area.

3. Have a go to move. For Plumlee, he likes the sweeping middle hook (left and right).

4. Have a counter. When you feel the defender cheating to take away your go to move, make sure you have a counter to make them pay for over-committing.

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