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Natalie Slater cookbook Bake and Destroy

I’ve been saying for years – ever since I regained the rights to my cookbook – that I’m going to do something with it, but I never seemed to get around to it. I had dreams of updating the recipes, which are now nearly eight years old, adding new ones and re-releasing them as zines as a nod to the vegan cooking zines I grew up on.

But, I drug my feet and now here we are in the middle of a global pandemic. People are hunkered down in their homes, and if social media tells me anything, they are all cooking all the time.

So, I decided to make a PDF out of the draft I sent my publisher so many years ago, and post it here so you can download it for free. I don’t own the rights to the photos or illustrations, so as much as I’d love to make a PDF of the edited book available, I can’t. (Unless Page Street Publishing tells me I can – what do you think, guys?) But, even though it’s kinda ugly and definitely has some typos and mistakes in it, I think it still might be fun for people who never got their hands on the book while it was still in print?

If you have any questions about the recipes, drop them in the comments here or find me on social media. If I need to add a FAQ to this post to clarify anything I will.

Stay healthy, everyone!

Updates, Corrections, Etc.

Nacho Chee-Zee Sauce: I’ve updated my cooking instructions since this draft of the book, and also wrote a nut-free version.

Bake and Destroy – Recipes with mosh parts since 2006.

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