Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello out there!!

Yes, I know, long time no see….read…whatever.

Let's catch up shall we?  July last year I made a sudden move back to Texas (Howdy Y'all!).  Got a job in commission sales,,,,new home sales to be exact…and I love my new job.  Husband came back from his work in California and started school learning high end automotive tuning (I think that sounds right)….Sophie is in Kindergarten and John is just the sweetest funniest little guy EVER!  (Naturally…. )

Anyway….I made these a while back….and it's nothing new….just a throwback to one of my earliest and most favorite designs

These are Ecrandal lingerie cutters…..I have had this cutter for like 5 years at least now and it still looks practically new.  Love these cutter.  Love the shop. Love the people.

Anyway, back to life….

I am going to try really hard to get on here and do more posts…be more active.  It's going to be hard….Full time job, husband, kids, new place…it takes up time.  But hey, I'm back in Texas which means…


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