Healthy Chocolate Frosting – 3 Ways!

Learn how to make three different healthy chocolate frosting recipes from scratch! They’re all velvety smooth, creamy, and full of rich chocolate flavor. These frostings are perfect for piping on top of cupcakes, spreading on cakes, or slathering on brownies (and plenty of other baked treats!) as a sweet finishing touch. They’re also really quick and simple to make!


healthy sugar free chocolate frosting without butter piped onto chocolate cupcakes
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At a birthday party a few years ago, the hostess ordered a chocolate sheet cake from a local bakery for dessert. After we sang the traditional song, she pulled out a knife to slice it and serve pieces to all of the guests.

A rich ganache-like frosting hid between the two layers of moist chocolate cake, and a thick layer of fluffy chocolate buttercream covered the top and sides. A generous amount of the same buttercream bordered the edges in carefully piped ruffles.

Even as a huge chocoholic, I waited until almost everyone else had been served to accept a slice. I wanted a piece from the middle…

healthy low fat chocolate frosting without sugar spread on top of flourless almond butter cookie bars
• healthy chocolate frosting #1 •

With the least amount of chocolate frosting.

I absolutely loved the almost fudge-like texture of the ganache kind sandwiched between the cake layers, but the buttercream… Well, it basically tasted like sugary butter with a bit of cocoa thrown in for color.

Needless to say, I’m a little picky about chocolate frosting. Other than ganache-style ones, I’ve found many bakeries’ frostings are either too sweet or too bland (or both!), especially when it comes to buttercream…

swirls of no sugar chocolate frosting made with greek yogurt & cocoa powder on top of healthy chocolate cupcakes
• healthy chocolate frosting #1 •

Yet they still look so pretty piped onto layer cakes, piled on top cupcakes, or spread on sheet cakes!

So I set out to make my own.

And after many years of testing, tasting, tweaking, and testing some more… These are three of my favorite, trusted, tried-and-true healthy chocolate frosting recipes. I’ve used them on cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookie bars, and many other desserts. They’re all simple to whip up and full of rich chocolate flavor!

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