Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Learn how to make these chewy chocolate hazelnut cookies from scratch! Three types of chocolate go into the dough, which makes them taste incredibly rich, and their texture is similar to super fudgy brownies. With their extra indulgent flavors, nobody will ever guess they’re just 95 calories!


Best Easy Healthy Chewy Vegan Double Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

I’m partnering with Ghirardelli® to bring you today’s recipe! I absolutely LOVE their chocolate products, especially their chocolate bars and chocolate chips, and keep them in my pantry at all times. They’re so perfect for baking!

Last year, my grandma hosted Christmas at her house. As part of the holiday festivities, she planned to purchase a bûche de Noël, a traditional French cake roll decorated to look like a Yule log, from a local bakery for our Christmas dinner dessert.

Because of my brother’s egg allergy, I offered to bake him whatever he wanted as his own holiday dessert, so on Christmas Eve, he sat on a barstool at my kitchen island as I pulled out mixing bowls.

Best Easy Healthy Dairy Free Eggless Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

“Could you make cookies?” he politely asked, intentionally trying to request something simple.

“Sure! Anything else?” I replied.

“Umm… Maybe brownies?” His eyes quickly lit up at the thought. “I haven’t had brownies in years… It’s basically impossible to find any egg-free ones where I live.”

I laughed and immediately agreed. Before reaching for flour and baking powder, I handed him a bowl and pointed out the “mix ins” section in my pantry, a shelf that held chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, and other fun things to stir into batters and doughs.

“Fill it with whatever you want in your desserts!” I declared.

Best Easy Healthy Low Calorie Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

A couple of hours later, dozens of freshly baked treats sat cooling on the countertops, the aroma of rich chocolate mixed with toasted nuts and a hint of cozy spices wafting through the air. As my brother took his first bite, the biggest smile broke out across his face…

So I offered to make that a new holiday tradition, where I bake him whatever eggless treats he’d like, so he can have his own special Christmas desserts!

Best Easy Healthy Eggless Double Dark Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Cookies

This year, I got a head start on that holiday baking… And I’ve already mailed him a batch of these Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies! They combine the best bits of last year’s treats — perfectly portioned cookies with a super moist and chewy, almost fudgy brownie-like texture — yet they’re completely eggless and dairy-free.

These fun cookies also include three types of chocolate, so they taste incredibly decadent and rich. Nobody will ever guess they’re lightened up — or just 95 calories!

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