Healthy Maple Scones

Learn how to make maple scones from scratch with this easy recipe! These homemade bakery-style scones are lightly sweetened with cozy maple flavor filling every bite. They’re soft and moist on the inside with a hint of a crust on the outside and can be topped with an optional maple glaze. Simple enough for a weekday breakfast treat – and delicious for weekend brunches too!


best maple scones – easy, healthy, moist & fluffy triangular bakery-style scones

During my senior year, my high school band took a spring trip to Canada. We boarded a cruise ship in Los Angeles that sailed to Victoria, and our director scheduled performances for us in both the ocean liner’s theater halls and in front of the city’s stunning Legislative Assembly parliament buildings.

He planned a few excursions for us while in Canada, along with time to walk around downtown Victoria and explore on our own. While roaming around gift shops and gelato stalls, I started to realize…

best homemade maple scones – easy, healthy, moist whole wheat triangular bakery-style scones

Maple syrup isn’t just a topping for pancakes, waffles, and French toast – or an ingredient in the glaze on bar-shaped donuts.

Throughout my childhood, those were the ways I consumed it. Yet in Canada, the country with a maple leaf on its national flag, people used maple syrup in so many other ways.

In cakes, cupcakes, muffins… To flavor and sweeten gelato at the half dozen shops we saw… My friends even found maple cream cookies, the equivalent of maple Oreos: crunchy maple-flavored cookies with a maple-sweetened filling. To top it all off, those sandwich cookies were cut into the shape of maple leaves!

best homemade maple scones – easy, healthy, moist, egg free triangular bakery-style scones

And now, I love using it as an ingredient in my recipes – like these healthy maple scones! It adds a rich, cozy flavor to these homemade bakery-style scones. They’re also quick and straightforward to bake, making them perfect for a midweek breakfast treat or lazy weekend brunch!

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