Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Snack Cake

Learn how to make the best healthy oatmeal snack cake from scratch with this easy recipe! It’s really tender and moist with lots of soft oats, cozy spices, and flavorful raisins found in every bite. Deliciously comforting yet not too sweet, this simple cake also makes for a lovely breakfast – and it reminds me of my favorite oatmeal raisin cookies!


easy healthy oatmeal cake filled with spices & raisins – low fat square slices made without butter or sugar

I’m partnering with Bob’s Red Mill® to bring you today’s recipe! Their products have been staples in my pantry for years. Every product I’ve tried in my baking recipes has been truly fantastic and yielded incredibly delicious treats – especially their flours and oats!

As kids, after dropping our backpacks next to the kitchen table, my brother and I immediately headed for the pantry as soon as we arrived home from school. All of that thinking, reading, writing, and running around at recess really worked up our appetites, and we always looked forward to an afternoon snack.

easy healthy oatmeal cake filled with spices & raisins – moist, low calorie, whole wheat square slices

Although our mom usually stocked the shelves with crunchy pretzels and crackers, she occasionally bought a sweeter treat instead. Our eyes shone extra bright when we spotted those boxes of individually wrapped oatmeal cream pies, Swiss rolls, or cakes… Especially the cakes.

Soft and sweet, filled with a thin layer of vanilla cream, coated with chocolate or vanilla icing – or maybe even both! – with the occasional shower of sprinkles on top too.

easy healthy oatmeal cake filled with spices & raisins – moist, low sugar, gluten free square slices on a dark marble platter

I savored every bite of those treats, licking up every last morsel and crumb before starting on my homework. Somehow, that lingering taste on my tongue and very happy belly made my worksheets seem easier to finish!

Eating this oatmeal raisin snack cake brought back those fond childhood memories – although this homemade one is probably a healthier option! It’s filled with whole grains and other wholesome ingredients, and the dried fruit provides bright pops of natural sweetness. In addition to snacks, this oatmeal cake makes great breakfasts too!

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