Healthy Raspberry Truffles

Learn how to make these rich raspberry truffles from scratch! They taste like gourmet ones you’d find at a fancy chocolate shop, but you just need 6 ingredients to make them. They also have no food coloring, eggs, butter, oil, refined flour or sugar and 20 calories!


ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Homemade No Bake Vegan Raspberry Truffles

With a jam-packed holiday season spread out between Arizona, Southern California, and the Bay Area, I ended up booking a return flight home for the evening of New Year’s Day. After spending the afternoon with my parents as they put away Christmas decorations and cleaned the house, we headed to the airport.

As we drove, we pointed out the fairly empty freeways, a complete surprise compared to usual, and the curbside drop-off looked almost as barren. When I walked inside, only three people stood in front of me in the security checkpoint line… I suppose many folks decided to extend their holiday vacations to the very end of New Year’s week!

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Dark Chocolate Freeze Dried Raspberry Truffles

A few more people hauling plenty of luggage milled about the concourse and food courts inside of the terminal, grabbing snacks and dinner for their flights, but I kept walking straight to my gate, one almost at the far end of the building. However, I nearly paused when I spotted…

The See’s Candy booth with a large sign prominently displaying a massive discount on their assorted boxes of holiday truffles! You know how much I love chocolate… And I will always make room for it in my luggage!

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Homemade Gluten Free Vegan Raspberry Truffles

Yet as I slowed my pace to get a better look, I realized that the remaining boxes all contained milk chocolate truffles… And I’m definitely a dark chocolate girl. I smiled to myself, the temporary temptation completely gone, and continued down the walkway to my gate.

Even so, my mind kept wandering back to chocolate truffles during my short one-hour flight, and I started thinking about some of my favorite truffle flavors. These chocolate chip cookie dough ones, these pumpkin ones, these eggnog ones, these snickerdoodle ones

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Sugar Free Dairy Free Fresh Raspberry Truffles

And by the time the plane landed, I had completely convinced myself that I needed to make a new batch of homemade ones… Which resulted in these Healthy Raspberry Truffles!

This recipe requires just 6 ingredients, so they’re simple and straightforward to make. They’re really pretty too! That gorgeous pink color of the soft filling inside is all from raspberries — no food coloring whatsoever!

And with their rich chocolate coating and optional (but highly recommended!) sprinkling of flaky sea salt on top, they taste just as fancy as ones you can buy at any gourmet chocolate shop… But these contain no artificial ingredients, eggs, butter, oil, refined flour or sugar, and they’re 20 calories!

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