Introducing FeedBlitz Accel

A new plan to help you define, refine, and maximize subscriber engagement and audience targeting for stellar results.

Increase Visibility

The data and capabilities to reach your subscribers when they’re most likely to open your emails.

Boost Engagement

Increased visibility leads to higher open rates, higher click-throughs, and overall higher engagement.

Power Revenue

And when engagement increases, so do the odds of meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.

Building on the foundation of FeedBlitz Core’s suite of email marketing features, FeedBlitz Accel offers access to brand new features and updates on a few classic FeedBlitz Core features.

Features to make connecting with your audience at the right time even easier:

  • Inbox Activity Detection: Trigger a one-to-one email send when your subscriber is active in their email app. Grab their attention by emailing your subscribers when they’re most likely to open, i.e. when they’re in the inbox.
Screenshot showing two inbox detection triggers in place; one will add a subscriber to a set funnel should the subscriber open any mailing in the FeedBlitz network, and the other will send a different funnel campaign should a subscriber click a link in any mailing in the FeedBlitz network.
  • Enhanced reporting: The real-time data FeedBlitz clients love is getting a boost with time zone, subscriber domain, and recipient region-specific reports. Gain clarity on the best time to hit send with engagement insights by the time of day, recipient domain, and subscriber time zone.
  • New Sending Windows: Shake up your single campaigns with new sending flexibility. Increase open rates by pacing your campaign send over a set time frame or send based on subscriber time zone.
  • Audience Shaping for RSS to Email Campaigns: Continued innovation in RSS to email mailing with audience filtering. Shape the audience of your RSS to email automated campaigns by applying groups, engagement filters, and segmentations.

Advanced automations to help you save even more on time and resources:

  • Automated RSS to Email Follow-ups: You’re already automating your campaigns, now it’s time to automated your follow-ups. You automatically send new content, and now you can automatically send follow-ups to those who didn’t initially engage.
Screenshot of settings you can choose for automated campaign follow-ups.
  • Campaign-Based Automated Triggers: Extend your favorite list-based triggers to individual campaigns. Automate your subscriber management based on interactions with individual campaigns.
A screenshot of two different campaign-based triggers set for a campaign.
  • Automated List Hygiene: Ensure a healthy, engaged mailing list, automatically. Set parameters to automatically remove (or move) unengaged subscribers from your mailing list when the metrics are matched.

Setting you up for next-level revenue potential:

  • Conversion Tracking: Connect activity on your site to individual email subscribers. Another brand new feature, set goals and better target your audience by linking engagement on your site to particular email subscribers.
Screenshot of the Conversion Goal dashboard showing four goals set for this mailing list.

And as a bonus feature, all FeedBlitz Accel clients will have access to FeedBlitz’s Transactional API. Turn FeedBlitz into your own SMTP cloud service and send your most vital emails backed by FeedBlitz’s industry-leading deliverability.

Ready to find out what your email marketing can really do for you? You’re clear for lift-off.


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