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We are very excited about our move to Squarespace, which has given us the opportunity to create an entirely new website design. Here are some major features which will include additional content that we will now be offering.

On the designing front, there will be over 20 pages, and several photos per page, in addition to the 12 years of blog postings and recipes.

The navigation bar will have the following pages: Home page (Realbaking with Rose), Our Books, Our Blog, Television & Videos, Recipes, About Us, Ask a Question, and Recipe of the Month.

Most of the pages on the navigation bar will have further content pages.
For example Television & Video will have a page listing Rose’s 150 plus appearances, and portals to her PBS Baking Magic series and her first television appearance on the Charlie Rose Show in 1988. And there will be many new videos as well.


New pages will include:
Recipe of the Month Page


Ask A Question will have its own dedicated blog page.
Many of Rose’s books will have their own pages with a gallery of photos and portal links to blogging bake through groups.

The Home page will feature a Baking Tip of the Week.


We look forward to your joining us on our new website and continuing our international baking community.

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