Shooting Guard Rankings 2019-20

We rank the shooting guards into tiers based on who we’d want to have for a regular season and playoffs that started today.  Where do James Harden, Devin Booker, CJ McCollum, Bradley Beal, and Donovan Mitchell place? How to deal with the injury returns of Klay Thompson and Victor Oladipo? And which players are the biggest risers and fallers from last year to this?

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Strawberry Cheesecake Entremet

This gorgeous Strawberry Cheesecake Entremet is a multi-layered mousse cake that is perfect for a holiday or party. It has a thin layer of cake on the bottom and sides, a layer of creamy lemon cheesecake, a layer of strawberry mousse and finished with a clear strawberry jelled layer on top. 

What is an Entremet

An entremet is a French term for a fancy dessert with many different layers of cake and pastry creams, created in a mold and served cold. Essentially a trifle that is layered and molded instead of tumbled together in a glass bowl.


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Four Cheese Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Homemade thin crust four cheese spicy buffalo chicken pizza with red onions and seasoned shredded chicken. A fun and super flavorful addition to any pizza night or game day menu!

Thin crust four cheese spicy buffalo chicken pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel A fun and super flavorful addition to any pizza night or game day menu!

I’m always amazed how hooked on a storyline or character we can become. How attached to them and how much we can care about them. I know I’m not the only one that has cried while reading a book. In fact, I’ve literally bawled my eyes out while reading some, not many… but a few definitely stand out in my mind. So devoted to the story that I’ve become emotionally invested and attached to them. The Notebook and Marley & Me were definite tear jerkers for me. I’d of course rather not have those experiences but it says a lot about the writing.

Only my most recent experience wasn’t with a book. A show. A fictional character I’d watched for seasons passing suddenly. Making it worse, I was on the treadmill fighting back emotions while all of this happened. You know that awful feeling you get in your throat when you’re getting emotional and are trying to fight it. Working out amplified that. So bad. Again – great that the writers pulled me in so much, but I’d rather not be crying at a show. It almost feels silly.

So tell me…have you experienced this too? And which shows or books did it to you? I can name a handful of shows I’m willing to be have brought many to tears. This Is Us, Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy… to name just a few. I’m positive there are many more, but those are definitely up there at the top of the list for pulling at the emotional heartstrings.

Thin crust four cheese spicy buffalo chicken pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel A fun and super flavorful addition to any pizza night or game day menu!

Switching gears… with the big game coming up I knew a new pizza recipe was a must!

There’s one food combination that always comes to mind when I think of game day. Buffalo chicken.

Whether it’s classic wings or some other twist with those flavors, it’s an essential addition to any game day menu… football, baseball, basketball etc… any and all sports. I’ve made and shared my fair amount of buffalo chicken recipes over the years. From soup and chili to deviled eggs and much more! Of course, I’ve also shared two different buffalo chicken pizza recipes as well: whole wheat buffalo chicken pizza and classic thin crust buffalo chicken pizza. But, there’s always room for twists and improvements on classics.

In comes this pizza…

I paired my favorite thin crust pizza dough with not one or even two types of cheese but four! A batch of seasoned shredded chicken and thinly sliced red onions are a must! And of course, a buffalo chicken pizza wouldn’t be complete without buffalo sauce and a creamy addition. A thickened spicy buffalo sauce acts as the base and drizzle of creamy ranch (or blue cheese) dressing completes this recipe.

This isn’t your standard buffalo chicken pizza. There’s lots of extra flavor hidden in there, from the cheese to all of the spices on the chicken. I highly recommend sticking to the recipe as is for best results and a full flavored slice of happiness.

This easy thin crust four cheese buffalo chicken pizza is hands down a must make for your next pizza night or game day menu. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with anyone who loves a spicy kick! Be sure to add this to your menu asap!

Thin crust four cheese spicy buffalo chicken pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel A fun and super flavorful addition to any pizza night or game day menu!

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Video: Archie Miller, IU players preview Iowa

Archie Miller, Al Durham Jr. and Armaan Franklin addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon to preview Indiana’s matchup on Thursday with Iowa. Watch both press conferences below:

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6 the Hardaway

I love rolling them dice in Vegas. There is no better game than craps……when there’s a hot shooter. Everyone is laughing, shouting, high-fiving, and having an awesome time. If you’re the hot shooter, then you are freaking Nick Papagiorgio! The ladies wanna sleep with you and the men? They wanna sleep with you too. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why Vegas is adorned with bling and has lights shining from corner to corner. 7 out!!!! But it’s okay, because the memory of those hot runs are seared into our memories, which keeps us returning back to the tables, time and time again. Well, that is the Tim Hardaway Jr. experience. He shoots. He mostly craps out, but every once in a while, he will get hot, which keeps us coming back for more and more. Beep. Boop. Bop. You know what never craps out and is always hot? The Stocktonator. Last night, he was even hitting the Hardaway 6 bets…over and over again.

33 3 3 1 0 0 5/10 12/18 4/5

On the season, THJ is a top 150 player, as he’s shooting 43% from the field and doesn’t contribute much outside of points and tres. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut…….he gets hot from time to time and keeps shooting…then making…then shooting….then making….then shooting….then making. There’s high-fiving, laughing, screams of joy, and overall adoration. Just remember that the good times never last. As long as you know that he will crap out soon, and probably more often than you want to believe, then you will be fine.

Here’s what else I saw last night:

Way Back Wednesday: February 5, 2020

Taking a peek back at this week in the archives, we’re treated to two (yes, TWO) varieties of lava cakes (I guess early February is lava cake season), and two decorated cookie designs I definitely need to revisit.

As always, click the post titles to go to the recipes/tutorials.

From 2015, Red Velvet Lava Cakes

red velvet lava cakes

I’m going to be honest here…I’m not a huge fan of red velvet, but THESE red velvet cakes are insanely good.

From 2013, Polka Dot Scottie Dogs

polka dot scottie decorated cookies heart collar

These little guys are a great design to make year-round, but oh, that heart collar means they are just perfect for Valentine’s Day. ♥

This is really a blast from the past…from way back when I accepted cookie orders. I still love the color palette here. Little blue houses for you and me!

Who’s baking this week?

BM milk loaf

Ever since I received a preloved Zojirushi bread machine, I have been baking homemade bread regularly. The bread machine is very compact and as it doesn’t take up too much space I have left it permanently at the corner of the kitchen counter. With it so visibly in sight, I am constantly reminded to bake a loaf of bread every other day.

I have lost count of the number of times I have baked this milk loaf. As long as there is fresh milk in the fridge, this is the bread to make. The recipe is from a bread machine cookbook by a Japanese author (荻山和也╳cuoca用麵包機烘焙專業級麵包) and I will be trying out a few other recipes soon.

This milk loaf recipe uses the most basic ingredients: bread flour, milk, sugar, butter, salt and yeast. It has a very high liquid to flour ratio, at 80%. That is, for 500g of flour, it will need 400g of milk. The usual liquid to flour ratio for most handmade bread ranges from 60% to 70%. The dough is quite wet and at first I thought it may not even come together to form a dough. After the kneading cycle which is about 20mins for my bread machine, the ingredients came together and a slack and sticky dough was formed. Nevertheless, it survived the next three cycles of rising with two auto stir down (or the common term ‘punch down’ by the kneading blade) in between. The dough became smooth and rose well before the machine went into the baking cycle.

After 3.30 hours, I was rewarded with a beautiful and tall loaf of bread. The crust was thin and evenly browned.

The texture of this bread is very soft and fluffy. The bread stays soft for 2 days (kept in air tight container) but I am not sure whether it would remain soft for 3 days as my family finishes the loaf within 2 days. The texture is slightly different from bread loaf made with tangzhong method. This one using straight dough method doesn’t have the slight chewy texture as compared to the tangzhong method.

I have also tried using the bread machine’s “dough function” to just knead and proof the dough but used the oven to bake the bread. With the exact same amount of ingredients, the dough was able to fill up my pullman tin. With only 20 mins of kneading by the bread maker, the dough was not able to reach the window pane stage. However, to my delight, the texture of the finished pullman loaf was just as good!

The bread tastes good with just the right sweetness. It can be eaten plain on its own especially when freshly baked. Besides the bread machine wholemeal loaf, this is another regular everyday bread which we won’t get tired of having it for breakfast everyday!

Bread Machine Milk Loaf

(makes 450g/1 lb loaf)

200g milk (I used full cream fresh milk)
250g bread flour (I used Prima brand unbleached bread flour)
20g caster sugar
20g unsalted butter, cut into small cubes
3g salt
3g instant yeast


  • Place milk, bread flour, sugar, salt, butter in the pan of the bread machine (according to the sequence as stated in the instruction manual of your bread machine). Make an indentation on the flour with your finger and add in the instant yeast. Select the Basic or Regular function of the bread machine. Select Light crust function and press start.  (Note: due to our hot weather, I use cold milk from the fridge.)
  • When the cycle completes, lift the pan out of the machine and carefully shake the loaf out of the pan. Leave the loaf to cool for at least an hour before cutting and remove the blade/paddle, if necessary. Store in airtight container.

Recipe source: 荻山和也╳cuoca用麵包機烘焙專業級麵包

Long Time, No See……

Long time….no see…..

I have a reason….don’t throw the icing bags at me yet…

I have news…. no I’m not pregnant…..but I am going through a life transition.

I recently moved back to Texas.

That’s right…..the prodigal child has returned home

(can I call myself a prodigal child??)


Took a job selling new home construction while hubs is home and going back to school.

It’s busy times here.  I do have some cookies I made a while back that I haven’t had time to post.  But I will eventually.  In the mean time I’ll post a few things from days past…for the holidays.  And if I’m lucky, I’ll get into the kitchen this Christmas and make something….Anything.  Sadly my husband does more baking than me….

Just wrong.

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