Pearl – 6 Months Old

My Sweet Pearl is SIX months old.  Well, actually she will be seven months old tomorrow, but I’m looking at the bright side in that at least this blog post is only one month late!

Pearl is so, so sweet.  She is (mostly) calm and quiet and is an observer.  She likes to just take in her surroundings, she likes to look around and watch.  Mostly she watches her big sister and Emma.  They both make her giggle often.

She started eating some food, mostly purees, between 4 and 5 months and she is an EATER.  She hasn’t turned her nose up to one thing we have tried.  She loves it all and can down 4 ounces of baby food in a few minutes flat.  She loves baby puffs and the teething wafers.  Speaking of teething, she has three – the third one popped through yesterday.

She sits supported very well and spent a little time last night on the floor sitting by herself.  She jabbers all the time and loves to blow rasbperries.  She babbles “da da” and “ba ba”.  She rolls over when she really wants to, but is mostly content to stay in one place (which is A-OK with me).  She really enjoys sitting in her Bumbo seat, high chair, or exer-saucer to watch what is happening around her.

We love our Pearl Girl.  She is such a joy to have in our lives and I can’t wait to watch her personality develop over the next few months!

So proud to be sitting up.  I think she was looking over me to see Daniel Tiger. 
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