Pelicans Waived Physical As Part Of Trade For CJ McCollum

The New Orleans Pelicans waived the physical of CJ McCollum as part of their trade with the Portland Trail Blazers, according to Bobby Marks of ESPN. With the money owed to McCollum, the waiving of the physical is highly unusual. McCollum had a collapsed lung in December that he recently returned from.

“I’ve never seen teams waive the reporting and passing of physical when there’s a lot of money at stake,” Bobby Marks said on The Lowe Post. “They waived reporting and waived passing of physicals. Then Alexander-Walker was able to be traded the next day, which was fine.

“I’ve never seen for a player like CJ McCollum, who has after this year $60 million plus, for a team to waive his physical in New Orleans. Better cross your fingers and hopefully it all works out. This was stunning for me.”

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