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I am so excited to reveal the cover for my new book: Snacking Bakes. I have been working on this book since Snacking Cakes came out in 2020, and it’s finally time to share it with all of you!

Snacking Bakes, out November 7, 2023, is the perfect sibling for Snacking Cakes. It’s full of super easy, low-lift recipes for Cookies, Bars, Brownies, Cakes, and a few savory treats that can all be whipped up in about an hour (or less), in one bowl, with no fancy ingredients or equipment because I know you all love baking, but don’t always have a lot of time or energy to make a little treat. There are lots of vegan and gluten free options too!

I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks as the release date gets closer, there are already a few spreads up on the Amazon page! Preorders are so important for the success of books and I would appreciate it so much if you would preorder Snacking Bakes from your favorite retailer. As always, thank you for your support!

Preorder here !

xo, Yossy

Advanced Praise for Snacking Bakes

“Snacking Bakes is packed with her trademark crave-worthy sweet-and-salty, ooey-gooey excellence—all without the fussiness and dish pile-up in the sink. I dare you to flip through these pages and not immediately run to the kitchen to get started.”—Jenny Rosenstrach, New York Times bestselling author of Dinner: A Love Story

“Yossy’s Snacking Cakes revolution was REAL, and I’ve got the butter-stained, marked-up recipe pages and happy cake-loving kids to show for it. And now we get cookies, bars, and more cakes that are just as low-maintenance? Yossy, we are not worthy!”—Molly Yeh, New York Times bestselling cookbook author and Food Network host

“In no time at all, readers will be sliding flavorful, beautiful bakes in and out of their oven as if they’ve been doing it forever—that’s the magic of Yossy’s simple, achievable collection of recipes: positively 100 percent bakeable—no skips!”—Erin Jeanne McDowell, author of The Book on Pie and Savory Baking

“Yossy knows something fundamental about all of us. When we want something sweet, we want it now. Her treats deliver. No fuss, just easy, accessible, truly inspired deliciousness. Snacking Cakes is well-worn, batter-spattered, and beloved. Our copy of Snacking Bakes is sure to be a mess in no time.”—Samantha Seneviratne, author of Bake Smart

“Yossy has an amazing ability to make incredibly desirable recipes that are also incredibly simple to make. This wonderful book, which is packed full of reliable and ridiculously tasty recipes, is one you’ll find yourself baking from time and time again.”—Edd Kimber, baker and author of One Tin Bakes Easy

“Yossy’s new book is filled with simple, anytime bakes that cover all the sweet treat bases. Her use of pantry ingredients to create classic but unique flavor combinations is stellar, and you won’t need any fancy equipment to make any of the recipes; the biggest challenge will be deciding what to make first. This book already has a permanent spot on my shelves.”—Sarah Kieffer, author of 100 Cookies and 100 Morning Treats


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