Quick Chocolate Covered Cherrry "Cake Balls"

Yes, yes…..I know the last time I posted it was "cake pops" but I couldn't resist…

I get out to Rogers, Arkansas about twice a month.  Sometimes I wanna shop, or return an item I ordered in the mail to a store or go to the grocery store……I'll tell you it's mostly to go to yarn stores…..and the grocery store.

All I can say is that the grocery stores around the immediate are are below my usual expectations having grown up in a large city at lest less than a mile away from a Central Market or some other equivilant.  Yes, I'm a grocery snob.  Not afraid to admit it.  To me the grocery store…like a really awesome grocery store…just the same as Disney Land to a kid.

Sometimes I also just wanna head out of Dodge and Rogers is only 45 minutes away….

Anyway, last time I was there I stopped into Fresh Market (like ya do) and went by there bakery section.   Now I love the bakery section there.  Not only are the desserts in the case gorgeous….they always have some sort of interesting seasonal doughnut holes for sale.

This month: Cherry.

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