Summer 2018 – Camping @ Lake of the Ozarks

We bought a camper!  This sounds a bit dramatic, but this is a dream being realized. Paul and I have dreaming about something like this for as long as I can remember.  Read this post.  We are just dreamers!  One of the first times we spent a weekend away together (at the Lake of the Ozarks, coincidentally), we dreamed about future vacations and getaways we would take and that conversation morphed and changed over the years to the most recent iteration of some much-needed family getaways in a home on wheels.

I realize it’s just a camper, but it’s kind of hard to believe that we actually did it.  We purchased an R-Pod.  Over the last few months we spent so much time researching and shopping and talking and we finally landed on the R-Pod primarily because we would be able to tow it with our current vehicle, but also because HELLO HOW CUTE IS THIS THING.

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