Summer Skincare

I’m so excited to talk about my summer skincare routine.  I can’t believe I actually typed that!  Most of us are excited to share with friends when we find something we are excited and passionate about.

I started using some Beautycounter products after Pearl was born.  Post-partum hormones wreak havoc on my skin and  I had never really had success in fading the dark spots on my face from when I was pregnant with Lucy.  That coupled with a few spots I had removed between pregnancies, turning 32, and lack of sleep (hi dark eye circles), I was in need of some help!

Also having the desire to use safer products, I turned to Beautycounter.  I started with using the loved charcoal bar and the Countermatch night cream.  From there I added more and more products until, after tons of thought and discernment, I decided to join as a consultant.  Fast forward to now, I don’t exclusively use Beautycounter but I mostly use Beautycounter.  There are clean/safe/natural products on the market other than Beautycounter.  Some of my favorites include Schmidt’s (deodorant – another post coming soon), Dr. Bronner’s, Primally Pure, Little Seed Farm.

So specifically to talk about my Summer skincare routine – my skin is pretty textbook combination skin.  A little oily in my T-zone and across my chin, and somewhat dry elsewhere.  The oily spots are magnified in the summer, I believe, due to the crazy humidity of the Midwest.  So here is my current routine:

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