TWD: Chewy, Chunky Blondies

blondies (2)
It’s been, oh, I don’t know… 6 months since my last TWD post! I’m shocked if I’m still on the blogroll for being such a lazy member. Anyway, I thought I’d make my return with blondies.

I used to be a coconut hater, but ever since I made the samoas bars, I’ve been finding excuses to bake with coconut. Instead of adding the coconut into the batter, I toasted it and sprinkled it on top for a nice textural contrast. I don’t like putting coconut into the dough because it makes them gritty. For the coconut haters, I sprinkled the nuts on the other half. I also don’t like putting nuts in the dough because I find that they get soggy. I omitted the white sugar completely to cut down on the sweetness. These were good, but I wasn’t crazy about them. I would rather have a chocolate chip cookie so I can enjoy the crispy edges rather than a uniformly soft and chewy square. I may try these again with white rather than butterscotch chips.

Thanks to Nicole of Cookies on Friday for choosing this week’s recipe

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