Zach LaVine Has 'Fans' Within Mavericks

Zach LaVine re-signed with the Chicago Bulls this past offseason on a five-year, $215 million, but his future with the franchise is uncertain given their struggles this season. The Dallas Mavericks are a team who could potentially have interest in LaVine given their motivation to pair a second star with Luka Doncic.

“I just know that there are fans of him that hold prominent positions within the Mavericks,” said Tim MacMahon on the Lowe Post podcast. “Again, I’m not sitting here and telling you there’s some great consensus. I think there’s enough fans of him where I wouldn’t totally rule it out.”

Zach Lowe interjected that the Bulls do not appear prepared to entertain trading LaVine at this point. The trade value of LaVine given his contract and injury issues is also difficult to gauge.

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